The 14th ISSS biennal conference will be held at Sorbonne Université (Paris) from 3 to 7 july 2023.

The ISSS Conference is a biennial conference organised by the International Society for Seed Science. Its goal is to promote research, education and communication around the seed biology and its issues. At this prestigious scientific conference, 200-400 researchers, students and stakeholders from all over the world come together at cutting-edge conferences to share their advances and debate the future of science.

The Conference is organized by Sorbonne Université in partnership with IRHS Angers and IJPB Versailles





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About ISSS

The International Society for Seed Science (ISSS) is a professional organisation of seed scientists committed to fostering and promoting research, education and communication in the scientific understanding of seeds by:

  • Publication of scientific research on seed biology in Seed Science Research, the official journal of the ISSS.
  • Co-ordination and organisation of conferences, workshops and more specialised meetings related to seed science.
  • Publication of proceedings of certain ISSS conferences and other meetings.
  • Sharing news and comment of interest to seed scientists and technologists, via online and other fora.
  • Support for educational activities in seed biology, including courses, slide exchanges, web sites, etc.
  • Establishment of prizes and honours for meritorious work in seed biology.
  • Posting of job listings.
  • Involvement in political and public relations activities affecting seed research and utilisation.

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